On-Going Projects

During the later part of 2015 we began working in the

Town Square gardens. Members along with volunteers

from town to weed, plant seasonal color and perform the

general upkeep to keep this jewel of our town as a

welcoming center to Black Mountain.  To view the

gardens click here.

Completed Project

We are working with the Town, Urban Forestry, and the business owners on a three-year plan to have a consistent look for the Downtown Historic district.  In the spring, we submitted a plan and a budget to the Board of Aldermen.  We are gratified that the tow leaders recognized the work we have previously done and approved our budget for our future work.  The funding for this work will be entirely paid by the Beautification Committee and the Town of Black Mountain.

The honey locust trees on Broadway have torn up the sidewalk and both the

sidewalk and the trees need to be replaced. Public Works has replaced the

sidewalks along Broadway. In addition, they have worked with Urban Forestry

and replaced the trees.

The Beautification Committee has three elements that we are working on:

Planters, Benches, and Garbage Containers. We created a pilot program for

plant containers that will be built locally with artwork done by local crafts

people (picture shown on right).  Two containers had been placed on

Broadway by Tyson's Furniture, one self-watering and one not.  These were

maintained by volunteers and data was collected on their performance.

Members installed the self-watering systems in the containers and have placed the container in the historic district.  For more detailed information click here.  

Town Square

Black Mountain Beautification Committee

Garden Sites

Jack Williams, our newest member  has created a map of our public garden site locations throughout the historic district of the Town of Black Mountain  To download the map, please click here 2016 BMBC Garden Site Locations Map.pdf

We maintain 20 public garden sites and are always looking for volunteers to nurture the town gardens.  

Howachyn Walk honors artists contributions around town

For several years, weeds grew along the walkway that leads from the parking lot of Broadway to Cherry Street, obscuring the beauty of Tekla Howachyn's sculpted steps and the intricate metal ,work created almost 15 years ago by her husband, Dan.

The beautification committee cleaned up the walkway and installed plants, in part so that the

steps and metal work could once again be appreciated.  Committee member, Mary Leonard White, suggested the walkway, now being maintained by the committee, be named "Howachyn Walk". 

On. Oct. 19, the committee and the town of Black Mountain honored the Howachyns.  Joining them on Cherry Street at the unveiling of the metal sign between The Veranda Cafe and Europa were their mothers, town dignitaries, committee members and friends.

Consistent Look in Town