Black Mountain Beautification Committee

Town Square

Participate in the Spring Litter Sweep campaign and will be adding a Fall Sweep in 2017

Developed and continue to maintain 20 public gardens throughout 
the town

Maintenance of the garden beds in Black Mountain Town Square

Litter Sweeps

Holiday Decorating

Special Projects

Public Gardens


We are an all-volunteer group of individuals dedicated to beautifying the Town of Black Mountain. 

As you arrive in town, we created and placed the welcome signs to greet our visitors.  The gardens that surround the signs are maintained by our volunteers.  Below are just some of our recurring projects. 

If you would like to volunteer, please click on the Volunteer link under this tab and fill out the Volunteer Information Form.

Halloween and Christmas decorating at welcome sites, garden beds, Town Square, and planters

“My village never had access to the clean water we needed to sustain all of our people until Water Charity. They came to us with open arms and big smiles, helping us install multiple wells and educating us about the importance of clean drinking water. They have helped us so much!"



Village Elder

 Undertake special projects in town

Containers in town – all of which enhance the beauty of the town