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Do you have ideas on how to enhance Black Mountain?

 Do you need the funding to do this?
The Black Mountain Beautification Committee wants to help.

This award will to be given to an applicant(s) who submits a project that best exemplifies the mission of the Beautification Committee: honoring the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains while seeking to reflect that beauty on the streets and in the lives of the citizens.  

The focus of the work must be gardening related, within Black Mountain, and adding a little something extra to our town.  The money for this project comes from proceeds raised at Silent Auction at the Black Mountain Garden Show and Sale. The amount of money awarded will not exceed $400.00.

The deadline for this application is March 15, 2014.  You can print the application from the Seed Money Form page on this website or email the Beautification Committee at to receive an application. In addition, Mellie Mac’s Garden Shack at 304 W. State Street and the Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce will have applications.

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